What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 573

A few years ago (actually QUITE a few now..) I joined in with a lovely weekly blog hop event called WOYWW and I met some of the lovely deskers in real life too. Julia (Queen Bee) recently celebrated 11 years of this regular event bringing crafters from all sorts of mediums together from far and wide. It reminded me how much I had missed the interaction, and yes, the act of snooping around other crafters desks.

This was my desk at 7.30 this morning. It is fairly bare of actual craft because in the week I need a lot of space to process the cut files. But I did have a sneaky layout on the desk which I was adding a little something to. It was one of the ones I photographed the other day when the tripod fell over and smacked me in the face. When I looked at the photo on the screen, I realised it lacked a shot of dark pink in the photo quadrants so I just plopped on some resin flowers, put it into the “needs to be photographed pile” and then it’s back to work.

You can also see my new planner and highlighter pen that Miss B (now 11!) gave me after a clear out in her room. She also gave me lots and lots of peel offs… The pen was genius though as I could colour code my diary which was hiding under the box of delicious enamel dots and resin bits. The other bits are all tools of my daily trade, including the snot rubber sent to me by the lovely Laura Rumble (I’m sure it has a proper name but it is THE BOMB at getting rid of glue).

This is my desk of a weekend. Much more interesting but also darker because it was taken in the afternoon and the sun blasts in through the window that I face and I can’t see a darn thing! Punches and scissors and glue, oh my! And a layout I had almost finished.

So from now on, the WOYWW will actually be a WWOYWW (What WAS on your workdesk Wednesday), if that’s okay. I shall now grab a cuppa and enjoy a peruse around the desks to see who is still around (I know there are some serious stalwarts and I’ve really missed many of the talents and the people themselves) and also to see who has joined that I haven’t come across before. It’s a great way to meet other crafters, and yes, to find yourself wanting new goodies and taking up new hobbies… You can find out more here.


  1. LLJ on 27 May 2020 at 9:34 am

    LISA JANE!!!!!!!!! It’s so brilliant to see you back on the desks – and what a lovely one you have to share with us. Love the rustic wood, are you in a cabin/shed? It tickled me that you’re getting cast offs from your girl, who I struggle to believe is now 11. Blimey, I must be getting old…… ;-). Lovely to see your crafting xxxx
    Hope you’re all keeping safe and well,
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxxx

  2. Christine on 27 May 2020 at 9:59 am

    Welcome back! I’m a bit OCD so have been hanging around since before I first joined . . .
    Good to meet you and love your desk, mine is also south facing and i lose sight of my garden in the sunny afternoons.
    Love the scrapbook page with the little ones, time flies by so fast.
    Have a good week
    Christine #24

  3. Sarah Brennan on 27 May 2020 at 10:06 am

    Nice to see you Lisa-Jane. Pretty layouts on your desk at various points this week. I craft with my blinds down too as it becomes far too bright otherwise. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

  4. sue jones on 27 May 2020 at 12:26 pm

    Hi Lisa- Jane. Hope you are okay after being attacked with the tripod!! Lovely scrapbook pages- I usually keep one on my desk somewhere and add to it over time- i am probably the worlds slowest scrap booker . Have a great week . Soojay #27

  5. Jo Betts on 27 May 2020 at 3:21 pm

    Good to see you joining us again. The layout looks like fun and I had a giggle at the snot rubber – perfect description! xx Jo #12

  6. glitterandglue on 27 May 2020 at 3:24 pm

    Hi there Lisa-Jane. Goodness, how lovely to see you today. You have been busy – the layouts are great. Well done.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  7. Sharon M Brooks on 27 May 2020 at 3:42 pm

    Hi Lisa Jane, how lovely to see you back! Lots of fab things to look at, laughing here at the ‘snot’ eraser. I have one too and yes they are unbeatable at getting rid of glue. They remind me of the soles of sandals we used to have for wearing in the summer when I was at school! Tailbone has been fine, not having it hasn’t caused me any issues, but you are quite right about holidays, lol. Last year we had planned to go to the US for a holiday, then docs decided I needed more chemo, so we put it on hold till this year. Just started thinking about planning it back in February for this year, and Covid 19 strikes. So back on hold again, lol. Oh well, we’ll get there eventually. Have a great week, Stay safe, Hugs, Shaz #17 X

  8. Diana Taylor on 27 May 2020 at 6:29 pm

    That’s a great desk, I love the rustic wood work top and I’m intrigued by the snot rubber – if it gets glue off things then I need one -it sounds miraculous!
    Hope you have a great week
    Diana x #21

  9. Angela Radford on 27 May 2020 at 8:52 pm

    Hi nice to see you here with us. The layouts look lovely. Wishing you a lovely creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x19x

  10. Shoshi on 27 May 2020 at 11:47 pm

    Lovely layouts on your desk Lisa-Jane. I can see that the direct sun would be a problem – in our old house that happened in my room in the afternoons and it was a major pain – I ended up drawing the curtains and putting the light on, which seemed so ridiculous when there was so much daylight! In our present house, I am blessed with a north-facing studio with fabulous light all day. Downstairs at the front of the house it’s actually quite gloomy because of the houses across the street, but in my studio it’s great. As soon as we viewed the house I earmarked that room for my own!! Thanks for your visit – glad you like my microgreens! The second lot of peas will be ready to go on the windowsill tomorrow as they are starting to push on the lids of their containers in the pantry now. Could your pea plants in the garden not spare you just one or two shoots lol? The flavour is so intense.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x 22

  11. Julia on 29 May 2020 at 9:59 am

    Squee, its so good to see you here! I’m sorry I’m late, it takes me an age to get round because I have to type a lot! Struggling with the idea of Miss B being 11, even though I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her within the last year….all young children seem about 7 to me, and even that’s generous in this case…Lordy we seem to have know each other quite a long time! Your lovely word scrubbed desk is a pleasure to behold. I laughed at the coloured pen story, I seem to remember that you have about 12 planners and I always wondered how it worked, so adding in different coloured inks..man, there’s nothing wrong with your memory then! I wouldn’t be able to even remember which planner, let alone which colour was for what thing! Amazeballs. The LO in your first shot had me concerned for a minute…I couldn’t quite understand why you’d stuck the enamel dots in such an angular neat row.; I need to get my glasses upgraded! That cut file you saw on my desk last week? Still on my desk. Partially used. It’s one of my faves and so I have to be careful that it doesn’t appear with every photo I take whilst abroad!

  12. Carolyn Staton on 29 May 2020 at 6:55 pm

    I love those layouts – they are both beautiful. Sorry for running late this week, stay safe. with love & God Bless, Caro xx (#4)

  13. Marit on 30 May 2020 at 10:37 am

    Hi there Lisa-Jane and welcome back! What a beautiful desk you have – the desk itself I mean, but I can see it’s some sort of paper or plastic you put on the surface? Anyway, I love that old wooden look – and what’s ON the desk is lovely as well!! Although I am an art journaler, I do create scrap layouts again every now and then. I love your layout and recognize the sticker-letters, I had the same (there are a few left but the a’s and e’s are gone… that’s always the case isn’t it?) Oh, and thanks for your concern about my parcel, yes it arrived Wednesday in the evening (just after diner.) Pfew! Sorry I am late with my return visit, happy belated woyww, have nice weekend! Love from Holland. Marit #25

  14. Kyla on 31 May 2020 at 8:40 pm

    Love the layout and your weekly planner too-I love a planner!!
    Yes, I find WOYWW the perfect place for “enabling” for new stash and also for storage and craft ideas!

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