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Hi hi!

I’m really good at spotting mistakes in spelling and grammar when I haven’t written the stuff myself. I created this layout last summer, took a quick pic to post on the Facebook group to enter the challenge, left it for several months in the pile, photographed it again properly, and then had it sat in the pile to blog for ages. It wasn’t until I came to write it up that I realised I had spelled Normal with 2 ‘L’s…. Genius, me…

The word “normal” was important because the layout was prompted by the challenge to use the quote “our new normal” in the Go Go group cyber crop last July. Most people were embracing the then-current situation of restrictions, homeworking, mask wearing etc but I was away in Wales with only my Christmas supplies and photos from 2015! It worked for this photo for a couple of reasons though – as scrapbookers, we sometimes take pictures of things other people wouldn’t, and in this case, it’s our goose, with it’s special spice rub coating, sitting on it’s tray of vegetables, ready for the oven.

Taking a photo of a raw goose? “Totally Normal!”

We’ve now had goose for Christmas dinner from the local butcher for a number of years and so that’s become just what we do. But in this photo, 2015, it was our first time. We were goose virgins. Now, it’s our normal.

With this “weird things we take pictures of” in mind, I used the cameras in the Shimelle Christmas Magic collection to accentuate my theme (big words… Might need a lay down…) The vintage camera was a die cut and the other 2 clusters contain fussy cut cameras with a gem centre. I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve had these gems but they are ooooold. I’m surprised they even stuck without extra adhesive to be honest.

One of my favourite techniques is to use stitching around a simple shape, especially if it’s on a pocket card / cut apart sheet. It gives a little bit of dimension and interest without adding bulk and it doesn’t take a whole load of time. Here it also adds to the story, highlighting another camera by adding a touch of texture around it.

And now I’ve spent so long staring at the beginnings of a roast dinner that I’m suddenly famished!

Stay safe and keep smiling x

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