Time Flies – Scrapbook Layout

Hi hi!

Back again with another Go Go class from the March cyber retreat. So far, so good with the jab yesterday so fingers crossed it continues!

This layout ‘should’ have been fairly straightforward but I made a total meal of it…

Oh my heart… these two. It was such a big day. Miss B heading out for her first day at senior school without anyone she knew in her class, and Luigi back at school for the first time in 6 months after the lockdown. Every time we have a significant milestone with our children, it feels like life is on warp speed so Kirei’s title of Time Flies in the Garden Grove Thickers was perfect.

We used Paige Evans Go The Scenic Route collection but this is all from one piece of paper. Using strips to backfill the apertures instead of a single piece of patterned paper really adds a lot of interest and dimension, especially when you distress the edges. I’ve seen this technique a couple of times since I did the class and I’ve loved all of them so I’m definitely going to try it with another cut file.

Using tissue paper for some of the apertures stops the layout from looking too busy and concertina-ing the thin tissue gives the colour more depth and echoes the strips on the other butterflies. The pink tissue is picked up by some of the smaller butterfly negatives that we painted with Shimmerz Pink Lemonade.

The white cardstock is lifted up on foam and this is where I started to collapse. I could NOT for the life of me match up the carefully arranged strips on the base sheet with the apertures. Every time I got it in the right place and then added some foam, I noticed another gap. Because it wasn’t then straight, I couldn’t stick the border strips onto the background and I’ve had to carefully attach them under the top layer. *sigh. I got there eventually and with a few Lucy Abrams sequins I could stand back and admire another lovely class.

I see you there, rescuing your branding strips from the bin…

Stay safe and keep smiling x

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