Take Timeout – Scrapbook Page

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you much love if you are reading this.

The most important person to show love to, is yourself. You need to love yourself first and take care of yourself first. Only you know what you really need. Honestly. I don’t mean me whining that I need chocolate. I mean like Mr Pretty having to drag me out because I need the fresh air, and really, I know I need it too, when I’m honest with myself.

This layout was a real change because as you might have noticed, I was concentrating on Christmas and Halloween layouts for a good while in the last few months. I must have had these pics out for some reason (taken on a retreat, when it gets to THAT stage of a Saturday evening… you know… filter time!) and decided to just scrap them, it might have been because of the purple Bramble Fox title. If I had them out at the same time I might have thought “ooh yes!” and just embraced the moment! I think I also might have been inspired by a Go Go cyber challenge entitled “Keep Going” – I really really needed a pep talk when I created this page, reminding myself that the decision to stop the shop and get myself sorted, was still absolutely the best decision.

I do remember quickly grabbing a suitable baggy of stash, which was Pebbles Girl Squad mixed with a bit of Jen Hadfield Chasing Adventures – they work really well together so I’ve stored them in the same file, partly as I didn’t have much 12×12 in Girl Squad for some reason. Someone was asking me about my files the other day so I’m going to post some pics in my next desk update on Wednesday if you’re interested.

I think the design was inspired by a Scrap Squad layout from their Autumn stash dive. Day 2 was to use twine, ribbon or thread so I used 2 out of the 3! Of course I also had to add some Bramble Fox stars and the typewriter seemed perfect for writing myself a note (which of course I didn’t actually do!). Note to self: actually write a note to self when the layout calls for it…

Stay safe and keep smiling x

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