Love – Scrapbook Layout

Hi hi!

Do you ever start making a page for a challenge and then get involved in the creating and end up forgetting an important element or straying so far from the brief that it wouldn’t count? I’ve done that twice in the last couple of weeks and this project was one of them but I only realised when I came to write the blog…

The challenge for this layout was a 5-elements mood-board prompt for the Go Go retreat. There was a list of elements you could include, some inspirational photos, a sketch and a colour palette. The available elements I chose from the mood-board were the sketch, the colour palette, a 3 word title, leaves, and stitching. Can you spot where I went wrong?

No, it’s not the stitching, but honestly? The stitching nearly finished me off. I had 3 sewing machines serviced about 4-6 week ago and hadn’t used any of them since then so I decided that the busiest crop day of the retreat would be the exact right time to try it… It started beautifully for the first 5-6 lines but then had a panic attack and several things went wrong. It took half an hour to sort it out including sending videos to the lady who services them, who probably thinks that stitching on paper is a ridiculous thing to do anyway!

I stuck fairly closely to the sketch as I always do, and the colours perfectly matched the Paige Evans Bloom Street, which of course has leaves in it too. I chose this collection for the colours in the photo – the aqua notes in Luigi’s te-shirt, the darker purple in Miss B’s funky jeans (check out her hair though!), and the lilac in her cardigan, which is what the layout was all about. My cousin Marie wasn’t creative at all but when she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, she took up crochet. She made this gorgeous cardigan and a random huge pair of bootees for Miss B and we just about managed to get a photo of her wearing it and sent it off to Marie just before she passed away. It was indeed a “Very Special Cardigan”, which was going to be my 3 word title.

Ah. Yes. I came across this LOVE piece in the cut apart sheet and thought it would make the perfect title card for a layout that needed a pop of the darker purple. It definitely would have… on any other layout… but not one where I was meant to use 3 words! If I had realised at the time I could have changed it to LOVE this cardigan or something like that, but the moment has passed and thankfully that’s not the challenge I won the layout for!

Stay safe and keep smiling x

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