Lisa-Jane – LOL!

Sometimes you’ve got to laugh at a situation or you’ll cry.  And sometimes you have to embrace the ridiculousness of a situation by using poo emojis.  And some cameras from the pre-cut ‘Camera Mesh’ cut file.

My brother was really ill in the Spring with a problem with his liver (he’ll have the issue for life but it’s now under control) and he was more yellow than I believed a person could be.  We kept his spirits up by sending him texts of lots of emojis, Bart Simpson, highlighter pens, and our favourites, the Minions.  My niece and I went to visit him while I was in my air-cast and my Dad happened to be there (in between waiting for more heart surgery) so we really did look a sight together and I don’t think my poor niece will ever recover from the chaos and shouting and general mis-behaviour of when we all get together.

The Simple Stories Emoji Love collection was the perfect ridiculous collection for this ridiculous situation and I used a challenge idea from Shimelle at the Go-Go-Getaway for the placement.  The idea was to have the page split into two halves with a line of embellishments down the centre-ish.

I had some camera die-cuts left over from the ‘Camera Mesh’ cut file (available in pre-cut or download options) so I backed them with some of the small papers.  You can really stretch a cut file this way.  I created a strip using a mix of the cameras and some chipboard and stickers from the collection.  I don’t normally journal but this was a story that I didn’t want to forget so with the journalling on one side and the photo on the other it balances nicely.  To finish with I added some enamels dots from the shop.  Sometimes the every day stories are more important than the events like birthdays and holidays.  This photo was near the beginning of a LOT of hospital visits for multiple people in our family so it definitely deserves a place in my album.

With love and colour


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