Laura Rumble – Easter Gift Boxes

Hello PMPer’s and Happy Easter.  I grant you, it’s a weird one, but I hope it is happy nonetheless.

I have made 3 Easter treat boxes for me and my parents.  We are splitting one pack of praline eggs between us.  I’ve tried to make it a bit special though by making individual boxes, adding personalised tags and making a little string of bunting for each table setting.

The bunting is the Happy Easter Banner adapted to work in such a small format.  I released the compound path and deleted the hanging holes and letters so I was left with just the pennant shape.  I love the font that Easter is written in but it would be too fiddly to cut/weed in this size – well, it might be doable with patience that I currently don’t have!  I ended up stamping Happy Easter on my pennants instead and whizzed them through the sewing machine to join them all together.  You can see the banner used as intended here.

In Silhouette Studio I added eleven of the little pennant shapes in the free space around the net of the box.  I cut one of each of the new box designs on different coloured cardstock.  

The boxes are simple to make… fold along each of the dashed lines your cutting machine creates.  

On the ‘Dodecawhatsit Box’ (I thought at one stage it was going to be a dodecahedron but I was wrong!) it is important to get all of the lines folded and scored well before attempting to assemble it.  The diagonal lines can be a little tricky to get right but it is essential that they are folded and scored – don’t ask me how I know!

The bottom of the Treat Box slots together without any adhesive.  You will need to add some strong double sided tape or quick dry wet adhesive to the two side tabs.  I prefer the super sticky red backed double sided tape as it holds really well.  The advantages of using wet glue is that you’d get a few seconds of wiggle room to make sure your edges are lined up exactly.  This file includes a tag too.  I made my own tags in the video for this project and immediately wished I had drawn up a file and cut them electronically!

The Pleated Box uses no adhesive at all.  You simple scoop up the sides, fold the left and right lid flaps in, then fold in the lid flap which has the slot and finally fold in the lid flap with the hook and link it into the slot.

The Dodecawhatsit Box file shows you which five tabs to put your adhesive on, two of these make up the bottom of the box and three are at the side.  Adhere the sides together first and then move on to the bottom.  There are two holes on the sections that will be on the top of the box – these are for a ribbon loop to go through so you can hang the box up.  (I think multiples of this file would be great cut small and hung on a Christmas tree.)  The top two ‘arm’ sections fold over and tuck in to the slots.  These are the bits that you open to access the treats inside so be sure not to put any glue on them!  The ribbon will need to be threaded through from the underside of each ‘arm’ before you tuck the tabs into the slots.  

Clear as mud, eh?  There’s a video here:

Thanks for reading and have fun creating!

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