Laura Rumble – Hello

Hello, Laura here again.

I’ve had a recent reshuffle of my craft room.  I’m nearly all set up again now minus my lights and camera.  I really needed to create though so instead of researching new smaller lights or setting up my huge soft boxes I grabbed a pre-cut cut file and set to play (I really can’t call this work, can I?!)

The cut file is the Paige Evans Flower Background 2.  You can order it in white, cream or black as a pre-cut or as a stitching template.  I don’t have the patience for stitching though!

I have a tendency to keep everything as “I might use it one day”.  When I cleared off my desk I realised just how much I had kept and not used – loads of dishes and tiny pots full of little iddy bits.  We covered them with cling film in case the pots tipped over and I vowed to use them up ASAP. 

I grabbed a couple of cling film covered pots and started working on a design.  One pot had stripy lime leaves left over from a previous layout – I have no idea which one!  The other had die cut vellum “hello’s” from a layout from a couple of years ago!  I do know that both of them were cut on Pretty Little Studio paper/vellum.

I mixed up some green mist to match the paper leaves and added some large splatters to my white 12×12.  Before they had dried I added a few smaller gold splatters letting the two inks run together in places creating a third colour.  When that had dried I adhered the vellum letters with some micro glue dots.  This seems to be the best way to adhere vellum on a light background without the adhesive showing.  I saved one set of letters to add to my photo to serve as the title.

When using a white cut file on a largely white background I like to use foam pads to add dimension.  This lets the cut file cast a shadow on the background which adds another element to the layout.  Rather than going for the conventional square placement I moved the cut file over and rotated it for an interesting corner design.  I added a few layers to my photo and positioned it towards the top corner.  I took the stripy leaves and adhered some under the cut file, some over the top and some poking through the cut file. 

To finish I added some enamel dots and the vellum ‘hello’ I saved earlier.  The micro glue dots aren’t quite as invisible when used on the darker background of the photo.  I think it looks okay though and I’m not sure any of my other glues would have done a better job.

That’s all for now folks, see you next time!

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