It’s Santa!

Hi hi!

I’m nearly all caught up with my pile of layouts from last Summer and Autumn. I might actually get around to last Spring soon! And then, well goodness me, I might actually have to start creating stuff again! I am actually creating, it’s just that some of I can’t share just yet. Still… I’d love to be creating more. But hey, here’s another Christmas layout!

I used Shimelle’s Christmas Magic as I have for all of my December layouts from 2015. I’ve still got loads left so if I’m still managing to be good with my supplies, I might use it for 2021 as well. Heck, that’s a bit too far to think about isn’t it?!

I used a Go Go sketch from last summer as my jumping off point and this was the first time I had used the rolled paper technique. If you remember the Halloween one from a couple of weeks ago you might remember that I was using a single sided paper so I had to back the curls with another paper. Apparently, between this one and that one I forgot about that because I had to do it here too! I fussy cut lots of letters to Santa because I hardly had any pre-made die-cuts for this collection. It went really well with the theme of us tracking Santa via NORAD on the internet.

I used the lovely Fitzgerald alphas but they kinda stuck out a bit being the only glittery thing so I used the funny bits of the packs that never get used elsewhere to create part of my clusters, along with the lovely Bramble Fox Perspextives again too. I don’t count my monthly subscription to Bramble Fox as part of my stash diet. It’s a necessity and I’m willing to fight anyone on this.

Stay safe and keep smiling x

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