In Praise of Christmas Films – Scrapbook Page

Hi hi!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE a Christmas film, the cheesier the better. The snow, the laughter, the happiness, the pretty villages, the excitement – it’s all wonderful escapism and a true sign for me of Christmas coming.

For the last few years I’ve been keeping a list of the films, which I usually have on in the background while doing other things. When Paige Evans released this Charlie Brown cut file last December I knew it would be perfect to use to capture this story instead of a photo. Yes I said that. INSTEAD of a photo. This is a photo-less page. There are no photos on this layout. A scrapbook page… with no photos… Yikes!

I normally cut everything on white but thanks to a lady in the Paige Evans Facebook group I cut it in black because it’s a cartoon & contrasts better with the snow and with Snoopy.

With a cut file that has lots of elements, it’s a good idea to think about which order you are backfilling the pieces in. Doing the things in the foreground first (plus the snow on the roof) meant that I could use one big piece to do the kennel rather than trying to work around the tiny lights etc. Designs like this are a great way to use up scraps!

I was so happy with how he came out! For most of the film that this scene is taken from (A Charlie Brown Christmas from 1965!!) Charlie wears a red coat but I wanted to use his back up coat in green to contrast with the red of the kennel.

My initial intention was to print a list to go down the side of the page but his poor little Christmas tree got in the way so I had to snip the film titles up, lay them on double sided sticky tape, snip them again, lay them on patterned paper (to match the border and the lonely bauble) and snip again. This made my left eye twitch… but it meant I could scatter them around the layout without interfering with the tree. If I had planned it earlier I would have worked out that there wasn’t enough room and cut Charlie a bit smaller…

I definitely watched more than these named films last year but my record is 47 the Christmas I had my leg in plaster. Nobody else in the house shares my appreciation of a Hallmark film so they really are my guilty pleasure!

I popped the cut file and the title onto foam and added a Bramble Fox clapper board embellishment to finish off.

No photos, and no enamel dots. Who even am I?! Yes, it looks a bit like a school wall display but I really enjoyed the non-photo challenge and it definitely tells the story in my album, which is what it’s all about.

Stay safe and keep smiling x

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