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Hi hi!

You know I love a challenge and you also know how much I’ve enjoyed joining in with the monthly Go Go cyber crops on Facebook. This week has been bookended by Go Go events with a total of, I think, 15 challenges altogether!

Last Saturday there was the normal monthly cyber crop with an extra challenge from Bramble Fox, and this coming weekend is a cyber retreat! Of course it would be awesome to be there in person and it’s the second one I’ve personally missed out on thanks to Covid but we’ve been sent out lovely kits and instructions and they’ve set some awesome challenges so it’s all good. This is the first of the challenges I’ve managed to do and it was a colour palette with quite pastel-ish Spring colours.

I had my bag of Pebbles Girl Squad out already and the two pieces with the faces on were left over from another similar layout so it came together quite quickly. The colours went really well with my photos of Miss B at her last sport’s day (although we didn’t know it would be the last one at the time!) I hadn’t really had the opportunity to use the paper with the faces on as it’s a bit niche for me but I it made me think of cheering crods at sports day. Hmmm…. crowds… remember those?!

To bring out the colours in the challenge more, I backed the photos onto yellow and popped them up on foam before added them both to a multi coloured stripe. The collection is full of fun phrases that perfectly fitted the theme here so I took the opportunity to use some appropriate die-cuts, stickers and cut aparts.

I needed some more “stuff” so I raided my tiny pieces box and pulled out some more flowers and a few small puffy stickers to finish it off. Every time I dip into this box it feels good! All that colour sorting was worth it. Just don’t mentioned the time I dropped it, fully sorted, onto a hardwood floor…

Stay safe and keep smiling x

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