Fright Night – Scrapbook Layout

Hi hi!

I like to have my layouts in front of me when I do my blog post and I’ve just noticed on this one that there are a couple of tiny additions from my sorting phase last year. There are 2 little puffy doughnuts and a puffy heart. My plan was to try and use something from my tiny pieces box on every layout. Can you spot them?

We often spend October half term in Wales (obviously not last year) and this usually coincides with Halloween which is great because we get chance to do wonderful things like make witches hat cupcakes, like here in this photo, or doing a scary themed games with cauliflower brains and spaghetti entrails! Yeah, I know, gross, I’ll stick to the chocolate thanks.

This layout was another challenge from the October Go Go cyber crop and uses another freebie from Peart Tree Cutfiles. It matched the associated challenge which was to use a moon or stars. You might be able to see that the cut file has cut slightly wonky. That was the cardstock moving slightly in the Silhouette, not the actual cut file, which is of course perfect. Doh!

I backed the cut file with sparkly Shimelle vellum that I have carefully cut tiny bits from on numerous layouts. I fear I only have about an inch square left. Because there was silver in the vellum, the Fright Night die cut goes really well. As well as the embellishments from my tiny pieces box, I added some Bramble Fox stars and a geo tag. The cute images on the patterned paper are perfect for pictures of my two when they were much younger, and much cuter! Just look at the tongue out in concentration too!!

Stay safe and keep smiling x

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