Birthday Card – Laura’s Wonky birthday cutfile – Cutting an intricate design

I’m not naturally a card maker but I do like to push the boat out for special people. I find that hand made cards are not much appreciated though and I’d rather be making scrapbook pages so I like designs I don’t have to think too long about.

This card for my mother in law didn’t take much time at all once I had used my scanning technique to resize Laura’s fabulous Wonky Birthday cut file. This technique is great for any intricate design you are cutting but especially when you re-size things or shrink them down. I shrank the original 12×12 down to 5.5 inches here. Then I clicked on the positive magnifying glass icon three times which enlarged my screen to pretty much real size. This enables you to see exactly where things are going to be too small and create unnecessary problems.

In the picture above you can see two areas that I identified as potential problems – the lines very close together on the parcel ribbon and the tiny hole in the ribbon. Adjusting the line and removing the tiny hole would have no impact on the overall design at all when it is shrunk down to a quarter of the size, but it prevents the tiny pieces being caught up in the blade and causing issues for the rest of the cut. I scan the whole design at life size in this way, removing any tiny pieces and moving lines away from each other to prevent snagging.

The second thing I do is to double click on the image to bring up all the editing points and scan over the design again. When we design files we mostly hand draw them and import them into the software so there’s always a slim chance a stray mark or dot can sneak in. In the picture above I’ve added the dot as an example, it wasn’t in Laura’s original design I promise! You wouldn’t see it with the naked eye at real size but highlighting all the points makes things visible.

So, I set it cutting and went to get a cup of tea. I came back, spent a couple of minutes weeding the design, adhered it onto a jazzy piece of hand made paper that I’ve had in my scrap drawer for ages and then adhered that on foam pads to a 6 inch card blank – job done!

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  1. Laura Rumble on 28 January 2020 at 8:45 pm

    It looks fab with the glittery bits behind it.

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