Laura Rumble – New – Star Stripe Cut File

Hi guys, Laura back with another 12×12 layout.  At the time of creating I was really not feeling it.  I expect most of us are having moments like that at the moment?  My project was due though so I wanted to push on rather than not turn in a project.  I couldn’t face getting Kammy the Cameo out and cutting a new file so I grabbed a Star Stripe that I had previously cut. 

When I am cutting smaller designs I often fill up the whole A4 or 12×12 space with other designs and cut an entire sheet worth of designs at once.  I think on this occasion I had a sliver down the side of an A4 Wonky Autumn being cut on a 12×12 sheet.  I used just the middle section of Star Stripe scaled to fit the size of the space on my mat.  I love this about cut files versus metal dies.  The ability to scale the size of the die cut to a specific project is so handy!

Continuing with the ‘meh’ mood I also pulled out a pre-made background.  When I’m getting messy I often make a few backgrounds at once.  This is mainly because I’m impatient and can’t wait for things to dry… rather than wait (and poke and prod every few minutes to test if it is dry yet) I start another background.  This one has been sat in a box for longer than I’m willing to admit in a blog post.

To shake things up slightly I backed the negative space in the cut file and not the stars.  I only had a 6×6 piece of paper to work with so I pieced it together so the pattern looked continuous.  The bonus of doing this was that I gained some stripy stars that I could use to embellish the rest of the layout.  I also added a layer of vellum behind the cut file to add a bit of separation between the mixed media and the cut file.

As I seemed to have gone rainbow themed I pulled out an old photo taken just after I was baptised.  I link rainbows to a symbol of God’s promises so it all worked for me.  I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that as I’m feeling all out of sorts and not creative that I reached for rainbows and baptism memories – these and my faith are my comfort blankets.

See you later in the month when I promise to have cut a new file!

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